Monday, March 19, 2012

Saint Joseph and Rendering Unto Caesar

"Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus," Guido Reni (c. 1635)
Today' is the feast of St Joseph, one of my personal favorite saints to whom I am devoted as the model father, leader, and guider of the Holy Family during Christ's childhood.

Today, as I was looking for some good reading about St Joseph, I came across it in what was, frankly, the least expected of places, the headlines at The New American (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite pro-Christian, pro-liberty news outlets).  The article, written by Jack Kenny, summarizes the lessons that we Christians can learn from the model of Saint Joseph about rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's (our obedience to just laws and statutes) and to God what is God's (our whole selves, made in his image and likeness).

Joseph was much more than just the strong, silent, and righteous foster father of Christ; he was also the model of what it means to be a statesman and keep the proper priority in lending our allegiances.

Saint Joseph and the Rendering Unto Caesar.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opening Volleys

In the past few weeks, we have seen opening shots in "the battle of our age," of the culture of life against the culture of death.  I haven't had as much time as I'd like to cover the events and share my thoughts, but there are two developments I couldn't go to bed tonight without asking you to continue to pray about:

1. Friday, on the eve of the Feast of Saint Patrick, the administration and HHS announced the expansion of the abortifacient and contraceptive coverage to include college students:

2. Talk show host Glenn Beck (with whom I've had differences of opinion in the past, but respect for his apparently genuine truth-seeking), returned from the Vatican with this stark warning for Catholics: Glenn Beck Talks with Vatican Officials, Warns Catholics to Prepare for Battle -

And so the volleys begin...


Monday, March 5, 2012

The Battle of Our Age

Although I'm a few days behind on the news, I was disappointed sickened today to learn that the Blunt Amendment to protect conscience rights by allowing employers to opt out of health care coverage that violates their belief failed 51-48 in the Senate and, even worse, 13 of 24 Catholic senators voted against the amendment.  That's right, over half of the Catholic senators (or so they call themselves) voted to uphold the President's attempt at circumventing First Amendment protections and silencing the voice of the Catholic Church.

The 13 Catholic Senators who voted against allowing Catholic organizations conscience rights -

What's worse--and nearly inconceivable--is that, had they voted in line with the faith that they claim to profess, they amendment would have passed with a solid margin.

My stomach almost began to wretch when I read that news...almost, that is, until I watched this inspiring video by Father John Hollowell.  We Catholics still have a say, and slowly but surely, as she has many times in her 2000 years, Holy Mother Church is rising from the devastation of recent scandals and poor catechesis to rediscover her identity and make her voice heard, a voice that speaks the unchanging and unchangeable truth about the dignity of human life with the authority of Christ himself.  As Father John quotes J.R.R. Tolkien to end his speech, "The board is set, the pieces are now in motion, at last we come to it - the great battle of our age.”

We, the faithful know how the story ends.  The question now is, will we have the strength to see our chapter of the fight through.  I, for one, agree with Father Hollowell and think that we shall.  So I end the day pitying those who know not the forces of heaven that are gathering against what they would try to accomplish.  While we fight, let us continue to pray through the intercession of St. Paul for their conversion.