Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Quick Thought: Heaven will not be boring

Welcome to my first Wednesday quick thought.  Since these will be quick, I'll get right to it:

How often do we look for truth, only to be deceived?

How often do we yearn for goodness, only to be left unsatisfied?

How often do we pursue beauty, in others and in our world, but constantly wish there were more to be found?

If we believe that our Lord is infinite Truth, infinite Goodness, and infinite, and infinite Beauty, then we have assurance right there that heaven will be he fulfillment of our deepest desires that are left unfulfilled in this life.  It will be a constantly deepening, constantly exploring and learning relationship with the God who loves us infinitely.  It will be like falling in love and constantly being married to the perfect lover...forever.

Heaven will not be boring.


1 comment:

  1. SO TRUE! Heaven will NOT be boring! Terrific introduction and pointed statement!!!