Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Feast of St. Thomas More

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Thomas More.  His life as devoted husband, father, lawyer, and politician, remains a shining example of how all laypersons are called to live holy lives, and a reminder in times of political turmoil and political correctness that statesmanship, when practiced with integrity and devotion to truth, meshes seamslessly with faith and becomes a distinct path to holiness.  As the Holy Father spoke of his life and martyrdom, "His profound detachment from honors and wealth, his serene and joyful humility, his balanced knowledge of human nature and of the vanity of success, his certainty of judgment rooted in faith: these all gave him that confident inner strength that sustained him in adversity and in the face of death. His sanctity shone forth in his martyrdom, but it had been prepared by an entire life of work devoted to God and neighbor."

Universal Church to honor life and witness of St. Thomas More - CNA

St. Thomas More - New Advent

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