Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Lesson Missed in the Gulf Oil Spill (Update)

In last week's post, I lamented that we had missed a key lesson in the midst of the oil spill disaster that is continuing to play out in the Gulf; that we had forgotten that, ultimately God is in control of all things and that in the grand scheme of his physical creation, we are frail and limited participants.

The headline this morning on, Louisiana Declares Day of Prayer for Oil Spill, made me realize that, even as secularized and anti-God as our society has become, the lesson may not be totally lost.  Perhaps it should not have taken 62 days to resolve for an ecumenical day of prayer, but as in the case of Nineveh, when turning toward God for help, it is better to come late than never.  We can only pray now for the grace to remember that he will give us the ability to end the disaster in his time, not ours, lest we should make the mistake of shaking our fist at him when immediate relief does not come.

Update (June 27) - Father Barron posted a great spiritual reflection, entitled "Current Events: The Spiritual Value of the BP Oil Leak " at the Word On Fire blog.

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