Sunday, August 29, 2010

Global Warming Unmasked: The Hidden Agenda

RealCatholicTV's CIA is back with episode #4, "Global Warming Unmasked: The Hidden Agenda."

The team at CIA, as usual, has done an outstanding job of summarizing over 500 hours of research that went into producing this presentation.  Host Michael Voris effectively lays out the evidence that this is about much more than reducing our energy output and "carbon footprints." The sinister connection of the global warming movement as the "more sophisticated" outgrowth of the early 20th Century eugenics movement is frightening and startling; advocates of both have supported population control (many explicitly through forced methods and large-scale "reductions" if necessary), global government, and many other types of dangerous social engineering that raises man or the earth--the creation--above the Creator.  CIA has put all the pieces together in a way that everyday, working Catholics probably never would have had the time to do, and have produced a documentary that EVERYONE who believes in the sanctity of human life according to the Judeo-Christian tradition needs to watch.

Global Warming Unmasked: The Hidden Agenda

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