Friday, December 24, 2010

The (Re)invasion

Tonight we celebrate a very special night two thousand years ago (give or take a few), when God fulfilled his ancient promise of promises, to send a Savior, a Redeemer who would break the bonds of sin and death wrought by humanity's disobedience and call all things, renewed and restored, back to himself.  We celebrate the night when, through the cooperation of a humble virgin, he made good on His promise.  And, true to form, he did it in a way almost unimaginable.  (I love how our Father so often works in ways that literally blow our minds).  He didn't just send anyone, he sent his only Son, his splendor and Word, through whom all of creation came into being, into time and history history.  He sent the God-man, the King of Kings, among us as a completely vulnerable infant, to be greeted only by the company of shepherds and their flocks.

He sent a baby, and in the birth of that baby, the God-man, the invasion began.  Or, better, the re-invasion.  The Son became man to teach us how to live as sons of the Father, and to send us forth with a mission to continue His work.  We are the guerrilla, re-invasion force, Baptized and sent to operate "behind enemy lines" in a world that continues to reject him, as he promised us it would.

Tonight, as Christians we pause to remember.  We remember and thank the Father for keeping his promise and sending us the greatest gift of all, a perpetual gift that all of mankind, through all time, has longed for.  Instead of abandoning us to our just fate of eternal damnation, out of unfathomable love he gave us the equally unfathomable gift of Jesus Christ.

A very happy, holy, blessed and merry Christmas to all.  May the peace of the newborn Christ be with you and yours through Christmas season and into the New Year.


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